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Everything will turn out OK in the end. If it's not OK, it's not the end.


Welcome to our web site were we hope you can learn more about the book, the authors, and Cancer in general but Ovarian cancer in specific.

The Light Within is the true story of a friendship between a surgeon, Dr. Lois Ramondetta and an Ovarian Cancer patient, Dr. Deborah Sills, who despite her diagnosis managed to live her life to its fullest. It is a book of doctor-patient relationship that became less a confrontation with death and more a celebration of the joys of life - the élan vital.

The site includes a biography of the authors, reader reviews and media appearances, publications by both authors, important links to cancer resources and fun sites, a blog, as well as information on the book found under 'The Book.'

In this section, you can purchase a signed copy of the book, find out when and where Dr. Ramondetta will be appearing, photographs, and more. One interesting section that is still in production includes a video clip of Lois and Deb giving a talk as well as audio of both of them in the process of making the book categorize by chapter.

Feel free to browse the site and email us any ideas or suggestions. Dr. Ramondetta also encourages you to visit her blog.