The Light Within
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Here are some of the publications that Lois and Deb published either together or separately:

Spirituality and Religion in the "Art of Dying"
Lois M. Ramondetta, Deborah Sills
JCO Dec 1 2003: 4460-4462.
Journal of Clinical Oncology

Spirituality in gynecological oncology: a review
L. M. Ramondetta, D. Sills (2004)
International Journal of Gynecological Cancer 14 (2) , 183ñ201

Approaches for end-of-life care in the field of gynecologic oncology: an exploratory study
L. M. Ramondetta, G. Tortolero-Luna, D. C. Bodurka, D. Sills, K. Basen-Engquist, J. Gano, C. Levenback (2004)
International Journal of Gynecological Cancer 14 (4) , 580ñ588

Lois and Debs talk at the Annual Ovarian Cancer Conference at MD Anderson Cancer Center, December 2, 2004:


Accompanying slide show presentation


Lectures by Deb:

September 11th Forum

Why God Won't Go Away




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